PostgreSQL Developer Meeting 2024

The PostgreSQL Developer Meeting will be held co-located with FOSDEM PGDay 2024 on Thursday 2024-02-01, the day before the main conference.


The PostgreSQL Developer Meeting is an invite-only summit for PostgreSQL developers to meet and get a chance to discuss wicked problems, development processes and other topics. It is by invitation only to keep the group focused, and because the room has limited capacity. PostgreSQL Europe is sponsoring the event making it free to attend.

The meeting is entirely independent of FOSDEM PGDay and FOSDEM and registration for FOSDEM PGDay is not required to attend the meeting. The same CoC as for FOSDEM PGDay applies to the meeting.

Time and Place

The meeting will take place at Brussels Marriott Hotel Grand Place on Thursday 2024-02-01 starting at 9AM and concluding at 5PM. More information on booking accommodation and how to get to the venue can be found on the here. There is a discounted room rate which is available to developer meeting attendees as well.

Lunch will be provided, as well as coffee and snacks.


Developers that so far have RSVP'd that they are attending are:

  • Álvaro Herrera
  • Bertrand Drouvot
  • Bruce Momjian
  • Christoph Berg
  • Dave Cramer
  • Dave Page
  • Devrim Gündüz
  • Jeff Davis
  • Joe Conway
  • Magnus Hagander
  • Matthias van de Meent
  • Nathan Bossart
  • Peter Eisentraut
  • Stephen Frost
  • Thomas Munro
  • Tomas Vondra
  • Vik Fearing


The agenda for the meeting is created by the attendees, to reflect the needs and wants of the group. While the discussion is free to take follow tangents and side-tracks as long as it's constructive and creative, there will be a set of topics to keep us somewhat focused on what is top of mind.

Suggested topics so far are:

  • v17 Patch Triage
  • Moving Forward with Pending Patches
  • Recognizing New Contributors
  • What's new in SQL:2023
  • Binary format output per session
  • Meson and packaging
  • Built-in collation provider for "C" and "C.UTF-8"
  • The Path to un-reverting the MAINTAIN privilege
  • A systematic approach to pruning support for old/EOL libraries

To suggest a topic, reply to the invitation email with your idea. Once there are a set of topics suggested I will start to set up an agenda here. There is no requirement to make a presentation, but if you plan to use any visual means then please indicate that for planning purposes.